JDMA Show Dates and Times

Nicolita will be featured in the premiere show of Janice Dickinson Model Agency on August 26th on Oxygen Network and September 2nd. We are very excited to see the drama and photo shoot reveal itself on the show. TUNE IN!!!

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One Response to JDMA Show Dates and Times

  1. walterparada says:

    It was wonderful to watch and see the beautiful Nicolita photo-shoot on the JDMA program! The models looked gorgeous and the resulting photographs are STUNNING!! My sincerest complements to the photographer, the lighting, make-up, and impeccable wardrobe selections! I immediately logged on to the Nicolita website to see if the images were online, but I’m sure they will be.

    I am a huge admirer to stylishly-executed fashion photography, especially imagery concentrating on a theme from another time. The swimwear is gorgeous! Best wishes on your future ventures!!

    San Francisco, CA