Nicolita wants to hear from You!

Did you get to watch Pastport: Cuba The Search for Nicolita last Sunday? What did you think?

Do you want to visit your families home land?

Do you have any questions about Cuba?

Either email us at or post a comment to tell us how you felt after watching the film. We will continue to add your feedback on this post below.

Some of  our Viewers Comments:

Nicole, what a gift it was to watch the show tonight. It was so much fun watching you all in Cuba. Your journey is one I would love to do someday myself. I didn’t know you went to USC too. I’m so proud of you.


Saw ur passport to nicolita was awesome my husband’s family is Cuban i would love to get this movie for his grandmother to see.  After seeing this i want to encourage my sister in laws to bring my mother inlaw for her 60th bday next year she left when she was 8 and did not see her parents till she was 15 she lived in an orphanage thank u my heart is full for the cuban ppl  I think it just brought a new light to something instead of just hte pain but some ppl can go back even though it hurts and let their children and grandchildren feel apart of them. I want my kids to go and i want to see my husband’s grandfather died and his grandmother is 91.But until i saw ur documentary i felt the real cuba. So i just wanted to give u my feedback sometime ppl need to know how something they have done has impacted their lives.I am all the way in Colorado and my husband’s family lives in New Orleans so u have touched ppl from everywhere.


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8 Responses to Nicolita wants to hear from You!

  1. Angie Zepeda says:

    I just finished watching your documentary not even ten minutes ago…..It was a very touching story…brought tears to my eyes to see what a wonderful gift u gave ur family and taking them to their homeland and having them relive all their memories and reunite with their families…It was awesome to see how long you have come with your company as well. love your fashion line….I wish you well on all your endeavours…Angie Zepeda

  2. Jessi Roque says:

    Hi Nicole,
    i saw your program and i have to tell you it really moved me, i to an a Cuban-American born in LA and now in florida,every emotion and experiance you lived is just how i feel. I thank you for doing that Documentary it really hit home for me. Past all of the political oppression and the feeling of recentment from a lot of Cubans as your family and mine and many others had or feel, it all comes done to La Familia and being home, not finding your home in Cuba but, but taking that Cuba you found and making it your home. U ROCK!!!
    Thank you,
    Yesenia (Jessi)

  3. A. Reyes says:

    Hi Nicole
    I’m From Cuba, I just want to thank you for that documentary about your cuban roots, I came to america about 6 years ago and left my parents and my brother there, I really cried a lot, just pure tears, just the thought of my 5 month old son could do the same in the future just brings out the feeling of what is being far away from my homeland from where i grew up, my friends, is just too emotional for me, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts, Adonis & Yumaika….a Cuban Family

  4. A. Rodriguez says:

    Thanks for the documentary about Cuba, it was very intense for me and helped me big time to think how important is family over all.

    -A. Rodriguez

  5. T. Ibarra says:

    Hola Nicolita,

    I just finished watching your documentary Passport: Nicolita and I just had to write and express my feelings to you about what a great documentary that was and how I related to that myself. I must admit, I knew absolutely nothing about you until I started watching the film and realized what you do and who you are. The real reason I was anxious to watch your film since the first day I saw the commercial for it was because I’ve always been intriqued by the mystery that is Cuba. We always only hear about it from other Cubans that have made it to the States like your parents and even those are few…….at least out in Los Angeles which is where I’m from. Therefore, to have an opportunity to watch a documentary on the country……..I knew I had to watch it!! I’ve always been in love with the endless history, art and the beautiful music such as The Buena Vista Social Club or Cubanisimo to name a few with singers like Omara Portuando and Puntillita! I think the day that I watched the movie Mambo Kings when I was younger was the day I fell in love with Cuban salsa and jazz, there’s just no comparison…. Being of Mexican decent, I can totally relate to how you and your family felt going back to their home land and discovering what the history of your photos was all about and, like you said over and over in the film, “making the pictures come to life”! All my life I have only known my parent’s childhood and upbringing through pictures and stories much like yourself, so for you to not only have gone there with your sister to make those pictures come true to life, but to have taken your mom and dad with you I think is the greatest gift any child can have and give to our parents!

    Your film overwhelmed me with emotion like no other film has done before and the great thing is that I also got to see “The real Cuba” which is what I originally wanted, so thank you for making the decision to go out there and find yourself and documenting the entire trip!!
    Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for making my heart feel as big as I knew it was, but it’s been a while since someone has made it show itself lately and you have done that for me through your documentary………..THANK YOU!!

  6. bet365 says:

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  7. Raul Villanueva says:

    Hi Nicole-

    I am a Cuban American also and was blessed to make the same journey as you did to see my roots and my culture my parents have instilled in me since I was a small boy. I too grew up with all the stories and pictures of the house in havana, the farm in Pinar Del Rio-(my great grandfathers tobacco plantation) I got to sit in my great grandfathers rocking chair ( which I met twice in 1984 and 1990 when they visited us in the states) I got to swim in the river my father swam in as a kid, ride horses go fishing, make a whole roast pork down by the river with all my cousins and family. I too felt I was finally home! I felt I was in a familiar place as if I was born there myself. I got so lost in it many extended family and friends that would come from neighboring “fincas” would say where is Raulito el Americano. When they would see me they would say “Ese no es Americano es parece Guajiro puro del monte” I have always felt (even though I grew up in the Southern California Surfing with all my Gringo friends) I was always a Guajiro at heart and when I arrived in Cuba at the age of 36 I understood why I am the way I am. Our genetic pool is strongly tied to that island.

    I made the journey with my Grandmother who throughout the years has always gone back to visit my great grandparents, her brothers , cousins, nieces, and friends. Unfortunately my parents have never returned after almost 40 years and I would like to take my next trip to Cuba with them and have them experience all the same things your parents experienced. I wanted to know if there is some way I can get a copy of the documentary to show them, so they may be moved to go back to there homeland and experience this with me and maybe even my brother and sister.

    If you have any information on how I can purchase a copy of your documentary it would be greatly appreciated. Also congratulations on your swimwear line it is beautiful ! The images shot for your line with the cuban models in Havana is breathtaking.

    Best wishes,

    Raul Villanueva
    (USC ROCKS!)

  8. Thanks so much for making this amazing documentary.
    I was glued to the screen for so many reasons.
    The history, the family, the beauty of the location, and the double story.
    I was moved by all the reuniting of the family, and I was fascinated to see the behind the sceens of Nicolita’s photoshoot.
    A touching and wonderful film!