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44 Responses to WIN THIS BIKINI!

  1. Aftan Lynch says:

    Can’t wait to wear my ruffle bikini top and scrunch bottoms. Miami here I come!

  2. Koryn says:

    Your swimwear is amazing! I own several but not this one!! Hahaha

  3. Kimmi says:

    I want to win!!! Love me some Nicolita!

  4. Jenilee Chans says:

    I have yet to see such beautiful & unique swim suites made, until I seen “Nicolita” her design of swim suite makes anyone and everyone look good in them!!! It’s because they have a lot of character in each one made, just like the Cuban culture!!!

  5. Kayla Rodriguez says:

    I live this Nicolita bathing suit. I love the color of it and I know I would look good rocking this in Puerto Rico when I go on vacation. Keep up the good work Nicolita. Christina is rocking it :)

  6. Marlene says:

    After modeling two of the Christina Milian designs, I fell in love with their fit immediately! I’d love to win this bikini to show off my latina curves in the beaches of Puerto Rico this summer in this hot, stylish aaaand glamorous piece. I know everyone’s also gonna love it here!

  7. Janet Carratala Ochoa says:

    Love how your models are curvy and really appeal to the genuine "REAL" woman's body!!

  8. @TrishWard says:

    I love the gold chain on this bikini!

  9. Lynda says:

    I love this look. I will so rock it this summer. Its edgy and fun. Gold with turquoise is hot!

  10. Janeen says:

    These swinsuits are absolutely gorgeous!!!

  11. Amada Moreno says:

    I would love to win ! Each bikini is sexier and more gorgeous than the last! This one is just as amazing! Fingers crossed!

  12. Stephanie Rios says:


  13. Stephanie Rios says:


  14. Bobbie says:

    Nicolita is by far my favorite! Cute designs, great quality and love the fit. Would love to add another to my collection :)

  15. Rosanne Bourque says:

    Love this look!! It is b-e-a-u-tiful :-) definitely help me feel good about myself !!!

  16. Bianca Magdaleno says:

    Absolutely love, love, love Nicolita! I can’t wait for summer and would love a new Nicolita bikini to get golden in.

  17. Annette rodriguez says:

    This bikini is a MUST HAVE for summer! Love the halter and bottom. Screams SEXY and EXOTIC.. Need to add this to my collection of swimwear. Simply gorgeous!!

  18. Alexis Robinson says:

    I would LOVE to win this stunning Nicolita bikini because it is a fashion must have! The design is sexy and really shows off the feminine beauty! Most bikini’s fail to show of the unique style of their owner ,but Nicolita perfectly captures the style of edgy beautiful woman.

  19. Lynn says:

    Gorgeous Bikini! Turquoise is my favorite color and I’d love to flaunt this sexy suit all summer! Thanks for the giveaway Nicolita! Liked and shared on FB too:)

  20. melissa says:

    Iiked the page and shared the photo. I LOVE NICOLITA, I am Cuban and love that your designs reflect the cuban lifestyle, their gorgeous, stunning and sexy. BONITA.this bikini is unique and stunning, love.

  21. christina says:

    I love the color blue and I love animal print and u guys put them together! OMG I WANT THIS SUIT ITS SUPER HOT!!!!

  22. Would love to rock this killer bikini all summer long! Plan to attend a Zumba Fitness Instructor Convention in Orlando, Fl in August. When I am not shaking it on the dance floor I will be lounging by the pool! There’s no better way to show off a sexy latina figure other than in a Nicolita :) Help me spice up my summer even more with this suit! Liked and always shared on Facebook.

  23. Meghan says:

    Lovely, classy bathing suits

  24. I want this! I look so great in the red one I bought from you guys I want another. These bikinis make you look hot!!! I got lotsa comments on my FB page when I posted myself wearing the red and white striped bikini!!!!

  25. Felicia Jones says:

    Nicolita just keep getting better and better, and Christina milian is just stunning in these swim wear. I would love to win because I have never had a swim-suit so sexy, the color, design everything is fantastic and this swim-suit will be perfect for this summer.

  26. Veronique Monali says:

    I would like to win this bikini because I can not find a swimsuit to fit me. Christina Milian and I have similar body shapes. So I know that this beautiful swimsuit will fit my body. Also it is summer time and I do not have a matching cute swimsuit to wear.

  27. kenisha says:

    I’m in LUV! Ojalá k me estaba llevando, ahorita! #SnatchedToThePower10!

  28. Megan Adams says:

    Love this bikini! I hope I win it. I never win anything!

  29. Kim says:

    All of your swimwear is simply intoxicating. Plus I think this particular bikini is absolutely GORGEOUS and I think it will be the perfect one for my birthday vacay to Mexico!!!

  30. Kayauna says:

    I absolutely need this in my life before I go to Myrtle Beach for the first time in my whole entire life. #Win #Win #Win #Cmilitary for life !!!!!!!!!

  31. ileana mesa says:

    I would love to win this swimsuit so I can strut it around South Beach. It is gorgeous!

  32. kenisha says:

    I’ve already booked my trip and just need a killer bikini to complete my vacation plans. It’s just screaming that it wants to come to Barbados with me, don’t deny a hot bikini’s one true dream!

  33. Maurita Graham says:

    I know that I can make this bikini look great. When people see me in this bikini everyone will want one or just be jealous.

  34. Marianne Bourque says:

    I would love to surprise someone with it! :-)

  35. I’d love to win this because I just had a baby & now all the other swim suits don’t fit me right & I really think this would fit in all the right places!!! Please pick me!!

  36. Casse says:

    I would LOVE this BEAUTIFUL swimsuit!!!!

  37. Alaina says:

    I was pregnant for 41 weeks and I’ve finally got my body back. I would love to rock this bikini when I go to Vegas in a few months

  38. I would love to win this swimsuit to show these Michigan people that we Cuban people got style,and awesome booties!Can’t wait to hit the lake in this cute swimsuit! Nicolita swimsuits are the cutest swimsuits I’ve seen this year!

  39. Lizmary says:

    My favorite color and never owned a bikini before. Been working hard getting in shape and staying on track with my lifestyle. It’s also very cute, like the details in it.

  40. Nicole McNamee says:

    I thought the fushia-color was gorgeous, but the Cuban Chain Bikini is even more heavenly in blue! Must have it! <3

  41. Jamie says:

    Good Luck Ladies!! This is another BEAUTIFUL design from Christina Milian and Nicolita, fantastic color and great detail. :) :) :)

  42. Hailey smith says:

    Ket me have this super cute swimsuit

  43. Hailey smith says:

    This is super cute ill love to wear it this summer!

  44. Lea Sison says:

    i want to have that swimsuit. It will be my first time to wear 2piece in public. I will be confident to wear this beautiful and stunning swimwear. <3

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