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MariaElena wearing Nicolita in Varadero, Cuba

 I felt the need to write to your company to say thank you for making me feel beautiful in a bikini!
Shopping for bathing suits is not easy and I would NEVER imagine myself purchasing one online (there are just some things that MUST be tried on). I am a Greek-American woman living in NJ married to a Cuban. One night we came across your documentary on Netflix and after watching it i went online to check out your swimwear. i fell in love with many of the styles and appreciated the fact that the cuts were made to flatter a woman’s curves! For months I would revisit your sight admiring the line and then one day, going out on a limb, i ordered 2 of your bathing suits and I LOVE them!!!! I couldn’t wait to get on a beach! I just came back from my Cuba vacation, and what better place to debut my new swimwear than on the sands of the country that inspired the styles! i felt beautiful and sexy and full of life (well, maybe the mojitos helped a little, lol) So, thank you for the role you played in making me feel alive and proud to have womanly curves in a bathing suit, THANK YOU! i have attached a few photos of me in your bathing suits in Varadero at the Paradisus Princesa del Mar.
Continue creating!
xoxo MariaElena




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