Model Monday Spotlight: Devin Gant

This week’s Model Monday features our 2014 Nicolita and popular vote winner Devin Gant! After narrowing down the selection from over 1200 entrants, Devin was 1 of 14 selected to walk in one of the coveted Nicolita MBFW runway spots.

Devin also wore a very special bikini exclusively designed by YouTube Beauty Guru, Megan Parken. 

Devin’ Greek, American Indian, and German background is a stunning lethal combination. She has such a natural beauty inside and out. I loved her personality on the catwalk and how she worked the bikinis. Honestly, one of the biggest qualities in selecting a Nicolita model is the balance between personality and a strong walk. Devin NAILED both!

Get to know Devin a little better in this weeks Nicolita Model Q&A:

Twitter: DevinGant
Facebook: Devin Gant
Horoscope sign: Capricorn

What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?

Roar by Katie Perry

What is the one destination you want to travel to?


What is your favorite color in the 2014 Nicolita collection?

Teal and Coral!

Describe the Nicolita 2014 collection in 3 words!

Hot Flirty and Fun!
At what age is did you start walking the runway?


What magazines do you subscribe to?

What is your favorite animal?

What is the one item you always have in your purse?

If you could be a celebrity who would you be?

Taylor Swift
What is your guilty pleasure?

Anything sweet!
What is your hidden talent?

I can quack like a duck!
What did it feel like walking the Nicolita Runway Show for the first time?

It was the most exhilarating thing I had ever done! I will never forget it and feel so blessed that I could participate in something like that. It was a dream come true!

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Interviewed by: Nicole Di Rocco, Nicolita Designer

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