Model Monday Spotlight: Tiffany Caldas

Tiffany Caldas has strut the Nicolita Runway at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for 3 consecutive years now. Tiffany’s half Dominican half Colombian background is not only exotic, but sets the modeling stage en fuego when she strikes a pose.  I love working with Tiffany because she brings so much energy and professionalism to each show….and not to mention she has a KILLER walk.

One of my all time favorite runway moments of Tiffany was when she wore the Club Nautico bikini with the HUGE hair bow and sunglasses. The Song Bad Girls was playing and she totally brought the Nicolita Cute & Sassy ‘Bad Girl” image to life… Loved it! 

It was fun to get to know some of Tiffany’s Favs and personal details in the Q & A below.

Instagram: tiffany_cal
Twitter: I’m not witty enough to tweet anything good!
Horoscope sign: Leo 

What is your favorite song to sing in the shower?

Anything by John Legend – his music is the way to my heart!

What is your most embarrassing runway story?

Not getting my jacket off at your last show!

What is the one destination you want to travel to?

The beaches in Thailand. They seem other-worldly.

Do you want to say anything to your fans?

I don’t think I have many… But the one who recognized me as Ms. Transworld Surf August 2012 in Miami.. Thank you!

What is your favorite color in the 2014 Nicolita collection?

The turquoise that I modeled my first time.. Obsessed!

Describe the Nicolita 2014 collection in 3 words!

Flirty, classic, endearing

At what age is did you start walking the runway?

16! Good training for walking in heels!

What is your favorite animal?

Panthers, they are badass.

What is the one item you always have in your purse?

Lipgloss! So necessary in a dry place like LA.

What is your guilty pleasure?

Dark chocolate in bed while watching Netflix.

What is your hidden talent?

Reciting the states in alphabetical order super quickly.

What is the craziest thing you would do for love?

Pack up and move across the world. (Almost did once)

What did it feel like walking the Nicolita Runway Show for the first time?


What is your favorite cocktail?

7&7 : Seagrams 7 whiskey and 7 up. A refreshing way to drink whiskey :) .

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Interviewed by: Nicole Di Rocco, Nicolita Designer

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