Sexy Monokini Swimwear – Nicolita Style & Tips

April 17, 2013

Do you want to look like a MILIAN-BUCKS?

Well then the Sultry 1-Kini from Christina Milian’s Havana Nights Collection for Nicolita will do the trick. Although at first glance this uber sexy monokini might have some of you hot and heavy, it was actually designed to not only look sexy, but also cover up and support some important areas on your body.

Monokini swimwear is a perfect style for someone who may want to cover up their tummy, but still flaunt what they got. Monokini swimwear is a one piece swimsuit with a distinct smaller section of fabric from the bottom pattern connecting to the top bra. This sexy cutout swimsuit shows a lot more skin, but offers some unique design elements that tricks the eye and plays up on your shape.Here is a list of 5 SULTRY features that Christina Milian focused on when designing the Sultry 1-kini with Nicolita.

1. Tummy Coverage

Although you might be thinking, “Tummy coverage? But I can basically see her entire stomach!” I know it’s actually not that much fabric that is covering her, however it is covering an important spot that gets most of us ladies feeling uncomfortable and not so confident in our swimwear. It’s that little area above your panty line and below your belly button that for most of us that don’t have a six-pack, tends to hang over our bikinis when we sit down. The bottom is a hipster cut, however as the fabric gradually increases in size throughout the middle, it hides and covers your stomach enough to minimize any belly bulge. Amen to that!!

2.   Bust Support

What’s great about the sexy monokini, aka the Sultry 1-kini, is the amazing bust support it offers our ‘girls’. If you have a large bust or are a little on the smaller size, this bra cup is sure to support and enhance your rack. “What’s that you say? Support and Enhance?” I know it sounds like a myth that you can have the best of both worlds, but it’s true. When a bikini top is made right and it’s your size, anything is possible. For my larger breasted gals, the cup size is actually quite generous and the center and side shirring lets the cup expand without the fabric looking HUGE. The center ¾ inch elastic pulls in the top from the middle supporting your bust from falling out. 

3. Sexy Cut-Outs

As you all know, Christina Milian knows how to turn heads at events but especially when she’s in a BIKINI. The Sultry 1-kini flatters your shape by elongating your torso and creating curves to reflect the curve shape on the swimsuit. The half cutout circles and deep V on the bustline keep your eye focused on the linear long and lean upward angles making you look taller than you may appear. 

4. Bling Bling!

Christina really wanted the Havana Nights Collection to have that Bling, Glitz and Glam that is a part of her daily life! Trim detail on the monokini is Black Swarovski square crystals. Each crystal on the swimsuit is hand-beaded along the center of the monokini shines when you strut from side to side. The 1-kini is super glamorous with this trim detail! 

5. Cuban Style Backside

A bikini, one piece swimwear, swimsuit or monokini is not a Nicolita without our signature Cuban Style Backside. The back of the Sultry 1-kini features our signature heart shaped back with elastic and no pinch fit elastic. The Havana Night Collection bottoms and backsides are a more “cheekier look”.


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Fit Guide and Suggested Styles

Do you hate when your bikini bottoms dig into your hips? Have no fear, Nicolita NO PINCH FIT Cuban Style Bottoms are here!!

Hola! I'm Nicolita owner & designer Nicole Di Rocco. In this video I'll show you why and how we created our signature Nicolita Bottom fit.

Nicolita has one-of-kind swimwear styles that are carefully designed to flatter your figure. Say goodbye to those ill-fitting bikini bottoms and say hello to comfort and fit!

Below are a few of our most popular styles that were designed with YOUR hips in mind.

Welcome to the Nicolita Fitting Room!

I want to help you find the Perfect Fit Nicolita Style. Below I have created a Nicolita Swimwear Fit guide to match your curves with our swimwear options and styles. If you still have questions of which bikini or one piece style would look best with your body shape just Call 866-NICOLITA (866-642-6548)  Email hola@mynicolita, or Skype me @mynicolita.     

Over the last 13 years since I started Nicolita in 2003, I have worked with a lot of Nicolita clients on selecting the perfect swimsuit for them. I'm the first to admit that wearing a bikini or one piece swimsuit can be challenging for the majority of us. Even if you have a rockin' body, there are certain styles that work better on certain body shapes.

But I am a strong believer that there is the perfect swimsuit out there for you. And we have gone ahead and picked out some styles that are flattering for you!

Larger cup sizes (D cup and up)

Women with larger cup sizes are primarily looking for 2 things when trying on swimwear: coverage and support. While going up a size in the top can provide more coverage, some styles just won’t provide the coverage and support you may be looking for. Look for styles with side boning and molded cups to give you the support and coverage you desire, without the pinching of an underwire!

For support and coverage, check out:
Maria Knotty Wrap Twist Top

Molded Push Up Bikini Top


Smaller Bust

Have a smaller bust and want to create the illusion of a bigger chest? Styles with details like ruffles and molded cups will add volume and create cleavage!

For adding volume to a smaller chest, check out:

Haute Dot Bow Tie Bikini Tube Top

Rumba Ruffles Triangle Halter


Broad Shoulders

If you’re looking to tone down the appearance of broad shoulders, look for one-shoulder and detailed tops which will draw attention away from wide set shoulders. Deep V necklines will keep the attention focused on your chest and the low cut back will make your shoulders appear more narrow.

To elongate the torso, check out:

Rumba Ruffles One Shoulder Top

Neon Bloom Deep V One Piece


Not So Curvy

Looking to add more curve to that backside? Look for bottoms with backside details like ruffles, shirring, or our signature knotty bottom. These details add more curve to your bottom and create a more shapely bum. 

To add curves to a not so curvy bottom, check out:

Rumba Ruffles Forgiven Bottom

Signature Knotty Bottom


Tummy Control

We all have those days we would rather cover our midsection. To conceal your midriff while flattering your other assets, look for styles that have shirring throughout the midsection to camouflage any insecurities.

For tummy control, check out:

Deep V One Piece With Shirring

Noche Cha Cha High-Waisted Bottoms


More Coverage Overall

Trying to keep your skin out of the sun, or just desire to be more covered? Look for styles that provide more coverage without sacrificing style, like high-neck tops, high-waist bottoms, and one pieces!

For more coverage, check out:

Gina High Neck One Piece

Retro High Waist Bottom