Padded Swimsuits – Nicolita Styles and Tips

Nicolita offers various padded swimsuit style tops. These tops offer more support and shape for your bustline. Our styles will either reinforce the cup support by a casing and or underwire. The swimwear casing offers more structure under the tops so the padding does not stretch out or increase in size when wet. The casing has a tunnel that an underwire can be place through. Padded tops are great options for various cup sizes. Either the padded swimwear will enhance your cup size if the padding is thicker or a thinner padded bra will shape your bust. It really depends on what you feel most comfortable with. Below are some of our top picks for padded bikinis and swimsuits.

Knotty Nicolita Halter Swimwear top with padding-Click here


Knotty Nicolita Bandeau Swimwear Top with padding – Click here

Knotty Nicolita One Piece Swimwear – Click here

If molded bra cups are not your preference, search for “Removable Bra Cups” on our top right search bar. Nicolita offers several options pf tops that do have a half cup lining and include a removable bra cup.


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