Chica-Inspired Fashion:My Nicolita Swimsuits

Though the summer is almost over, it is still caliente somewhere in the world, so you might as well get a swim suit that’ll make you feel even hotter than the sun. For most women, the idea of being in a swim suit can be a bit intimidating, especially with so much of your nalgas and chichis being exposed to the world. For me, personally, I hate the “pinching” that I feel when a bathing suit bottom digs into my curvy hips. It creates this sort of double-bubble effect, giving me more hips than God had intended, and forces me to walk the beach like an angry woman on the warpath, with my hands on my hips. But, no more! I found My Nicolita Swimwear and I am seriously never turning back.

Nicolita, developed by Cubana designer Nicole Di Rocco, is a swimsuit brand inspired by 1940′s Cuba. With bright and frilly tops and bottoms inspired by Cubano culture, Nicolita also caters to the Latina form. According to

“NICOLITA’S signature fit of ‘Cuban-style bottoms’ was designed for the curvaceous Latina figure. “‘Cuban-style bottoms’ are designed with more coverage on the hips, a heart-shaped backside and ‘no-pinch’ fit elastic,” said Di Rocco.”

With beautiful designs, stunning colors and structure that gives the body and booty a lil’ “Umph” without making you feel like an Oompa-Loompa, what’s not to love? Even actress and singer Christina Milian is on board, having designed the stunning ”Havana Nights” line for the brand.

So, yes the summer is almost over, but I bet you that once you see these swimsuits you’ll be calling your chicas to plan a last-minute Caribbean getaway just so you can wear one of Nicolita’s swimsuits and make a splash.


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