Maddie’s Place: Kelly Green – Summer stylin’ featuring Nicolita swimwear

We’re so excited here at Maddiesplace to feature Nicolita’s sexy swimwear line. Being a latin girl myself, I was excited to find swimwear made for a shapelier figure. Now let’s face it, I don’t really know many women regardless of shape and/or size excited about swimsuit shopping.

Who am I kidding? It mostly stresses us out no?

Add kids, career, relationships and our bodies often get pushed down the priority pole. Before you know it we’re hiding out in the far back corner of the pool covered buried in “borderline pool acceptable” attire talking ourselves into believing that this is okay.

What happened to me? Where did I go?

But hey, so what – been there done that – time to get yourself back girl. Even if this new girl looks different. Change is part of life and we’ve just got to roll with it right? Really, what other choice is there?

No reason to de-value yourself – EVER!

You’re not dead yet chica. And. It is that time again. Might as well look cute while we take our kids to swim lessons and prance about town living the summer life. What I like about her suits is the full coverage bottoms. They are a little more conservative but still very cute. Nicolita’s advertising efforts are über glam! Makes me want to grab a cocktail and sit outside.

I decided to kick it off with my personal fave because I’ve never been a two-piece girl but she’s got a fabulous line of bikini’s as well. Come check her out! Every Wednesday in the month of May, we’ll be featuring a different piece from her line.

Stay fabulous y’all and if you lost her somewhere along the way, it’s never too late to get her back! :)

Happy decorating – from the inside out
About the designer: NICOLITA’S designer, Nicole Di Rocco, established NICOLITA Swimwear in 2003. For the last seven seasons, Di Rocco’s designs and creative direction has built her brand by focusing on conservative sexy and curve conscious styles. Drawing inspirations from her family’s cultural Cuban roots, Nicole Di Rocco continues to create each bikini collection that is reminiscent of Cuba’s alluring 1940′s era. By blending vintage glamour with modern day silhouettes, NICOLITA has set itself apart in the swimwear industry. NICOLITA’S signature fit of ‘Cuban-style bottoms’ was designed for the curvaceous Latina figure. “‘Cuban-style bottoms’ are designed with more coverage on the hips, a heart-shaped backside and ‘no-pinch’ fit elastic,” said Di Rocco. These designs and unique branding attracts a broad range of fans and celebrities worldwide.

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