Best Swimwear for an Apple Figure

What is an Apple Shaped figure?

You have a broader shoulders compared to your narrow hips. Your legs and thighs tend to be more narrow while your abdomen and chest are wider. Apple shaped women look for swim suits that will reduce the waistline and create a slimming effect.

Here are some tips that can help you choose the right swim suit for next spring break!

Tip 1

By wearing a slight V-Cut top, it will draw attention towards the bust or face. Also, bikini bottoms with accents can help make the hips look enlarged! Nicolita’s Senorita Solids provides excellent support and coverage that still keeps its sexiness with a low-cut neckline. The Hipster Bottom sits low on the hips and feature Nicolita’s No-Pinch Fit elastic with shirring in the middle that creates a hear-shaped backside.

Tip 2

Your top should have thick straps, which in turn will make your top half look smaller. You can do this by pairing Senorita Solids Adjusted Halter Top which also includes wider straps for more support. The Senorita Solids Boy Shorts have a heart-shaped backside to give a cheekier look.

Tip 3

By wearing a one piece with a v-neck, it will add shape to your midsection, giving it that narrowing effect. You can try the Nicolita Knotty by Night Cross One Piece. This cutie features a similar thick straps that cross at the back instead of the neck, which creates a more comfortable fit and is a great compliment to the knotted heart-shaped backside.


By following these tips, Nicolita can help you balance and accentuate the body. By portraying her Cuban roots, the designs behind Nicolita are full of flavor and always keeping the woman’s body in mind.  In no time you will be ready to sip your mojito pool side!

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