Best Swimwear for Pear Shape

Nicolita has reached a multi-cultural consumer who wants a flattering style that is conservative and sexy; the perfect swimwear for a pear shape figure! The Cuban-Style Bottoms have a No-Pinch Fit elastic waist, coverage on the hips, and a heart-shaped backside.

What is a Pear Shaped Figure?

Women with a larger hip measurement compared to their bust measurement, would be considered a pear shaped figure. What is the hottest swimwear to enhance this shape with sabor? Here are some tips to use the next time you hit the water!

Tip 1:

While you should stay away from boy shorts, which will make you look squat, take on more of an asymmetrical skirt bottom that can help elongate your body. Nicolita can share with you her Salsa Shirred Rollover Bottom that comes in eight different colors. This roll over bottom has an adjustable roll over band to either cover more or less of your tummy and hips.

Tip 2:

Club Nautico is also a favorite when it comes to pear shaped figures. It covers the tummy and elongates the legs with its high waist bottoms. The bandeau features removable bra cups for a better shape and an adjustable back tie. The bottoms are also adjustable to cover more or less of your tummy and hips.

Tip 3:

A very sensual way to balance out your shape would be to add ruffles near the bust. There are many styles that Nicolita carries for you choose from: one piece, one shoulder, tube tops, and so much more!

The trick is to always elongate the body! Woman with wider hips appear shorter than what they really are. So here are some last reminders:

1. To balance out the top, use Rumba Ruffles!
2. Asymmetrical skirt bottoms can help elongate the legs
3. High waisted bottoms can help overall by covering the tummy and create longer legs.

By following all these steps, you’ll be ready to hit the beaches of Varadero!


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