DIY: Mini Cigar Box

It sounds weird but it’s almost Valentine’s Day: Dia de los Enamorados. In Cuba, they celebrate by exchanging gifts with loved ones and cooking amazing meals. If you’re looking to add some sabor to your Valentine’s gift, try making this Mini Cigar box! It’ll be cute to add a small gift or even make many to add chocolates and sweet delicacies.

This mini cigar box ends up being a little larger than a credit card, but it won’t cost you a thing! The only supplies you need for this is: card stock paper, full sheet label stock, tape, and a Xacto knife.

Check out this Mini Cigar Box from Just Something I Made

Click on Template images to download the free documents

Print 1: Heavy Card Stock paper

Print 2: Full sheet label stock

Use your printers finest setting to capture the detail

Using an Xacto knife, carefully trim out the box outside & inside images from the label sheet and cardstock.

Peel away the backing from the label piece and, aligning with the back of the cardstock piece, adhere the two pieces together.

Trim away corners on top flap.

Score all fold sections of the box. Fold all flaps inward.

Trim out the cigar edging tape from the label sheet and attach one half section of the tape to side flap sections, trimming away excess.

Fold up side flaps and adhere to front and back panels with the edging tape to create the box.

Create a gift or note card using the cut out extra cardstock piece and label with a piece from the label stock image.

Use a scalloped punch to create a seal if you’d like.

You can even make a custom gift tag.

With this little box, you can recreate images of Cuban cigar boxes; even though the cigars don’t fit (they’re next on the DIY list).



Credits: Just Something I Made (

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