Piedad Subirats – Award Winning Cuban Fashion Designer

cuban fashion designer stylist

During my visit to Cuba I had the pleasure to meet Piedad Subirats, a top fashion designer and movie stylist. I was invited to her home and we talked about her life in fashion living in Cuba. cuban fashion designer

This is in her office where she hangs some of her wardrobe costumes she painted for Cuban movies.Cuba fashion designer

She also has an incredible collection of clothing from the 1950′s that she used to curate an exhibition of fashion at a local gallery. In this photo she is actually showing me pics from her gallery show.Old cuba photos

I had a deep connection with her because her family was also her inspiration for her work. Her mother’s clothing from the 40s and 50s has been used for countless styling jobs on movies.Old Cuban photosCuban old movie photos

This photo is from one of the movies she costumed designed for. The director actually asked her to be in this scene because they needed another actress. She is on the right.

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