Screen printing posters in Cuba

During our first trip to Cuba the Havana Film festival was going on and they were selling vintage movie posters all over La Habana. These posters were incredible because they were all screen printed by hand one by one. The poster below is one of the posters they were selling. I wanted to buy them all, but my suitcase could not fit that many. Cuban poster
This poster is titled Gigi – Nico 1969. Gigi is a sumptuous American musical set at the turn of the century. Its commentary on the lives of the wealthy and priveledged must have appealed to the Cuban authorities. This 1969 poster by Nico takes the best of San Francisco poster design and adds an art nouveau twist to present a simple but effective image

Check out this video of how Cuban posters are screen printed by hand in Cuba. This process is very similar to how we screen print our apparel, but they have do not have the machine automated.

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