Cuban Style Head Piece Inspo

Nicolita 2012 Swimwear Collection Runway head pieceA lot of people keep asking me what was my inspiration for using the headpieces this season on 2012 runway show. Well, my inspiration for the amazing head pieces came from a PENCIL! During our 2012 Collection photo shoot in Cuba, there was a street vendor selling these cute little wooden pencils. There were different color head piece pencils to choose from so I bought an assortment of colors and even a male version wearing a hat. Cuban pencil with rumba girlI instantly fell in love with the pencil and got inspired to use the head piece concept for some of the looks on the runway. It looked awesome! My mom mentioned that Cubans normally don’t wear these type of head pieces, but they do wrap their hair with fabric at night to either set curls or keep their hair soft and smooth from the humidity. It added a fun and whimsical touch on the runway!

Cuban pencil


Even my sister in law, my mom and myself got in on the Nicolita head dress fun!! Considering selling them online. What do you think?

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