Love is in the air and it’s that time again to start thinking about making your ‘special someone’ know how much you love them. Below is the start to my VDay wish list  that I’ll be posting until Feb 14th.

Today,  I want to bite into my sweet tooth and suggest something both of you will enjoy, CHOCOLATE. It’s probably not on the Nicolita Bikini Diet, but Valentine’s only happens once a year, so just run around the block a couple times and that should cancel out the effects.


I was introduced to Chocolove while wine tasting in Santa Ynez for a bachelorette party. The winery we were at had some Chocolove bars that tasted amazing with their Cabernet. Besides the chocolate tasting great (Cono que Rico), I fell in love with their packaging. The outside of the chocolate packaging looks like a postal letter and the inside has a special love letter. It is adorable! It totally reminded me of Nicolita’s Estampas bikini because of the world travel stamps motif and that Nicolita’s secret admirers are always writing love letters to her .

Below is the Chocolove Collection. They average from $16- $37 per dozen in a case.

So buy your loved one something sweet on the lips with Chocolove, sweet on the hips with Nicolita Estampas Bikini, and then whisper sweet nothings in their ear all night long. xoxo Que Rico!!!

Click here to read more about Chocolove’s company history.

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