Where have you and your Nicolita’s traveled to?

Show us your favorite passport stamp in your passport and a photo of you in your Nicolita and win gift cards at mynicolita.com.

Below is one of my favorite passport stamps of my trip to Seychelles for my honeymoon. I love that the stamp is in the shape of Seychelle’s protected nut, the Coco de Mer….aka The Love Nut. It’s the world’s largest seed and found in Praslin’s Island’s Vallee de Mai nature park.  

My husband and I stayed at the Banyon Tree Hotel on Mahe Island. It was incredible!! I wore my white Knotty Nicolita two piece bikini, hence to keep in the ‘newly wed bride’ theme. Here I am posing for my own personal Nicolita photo shoot.

Email info@mynicolita.com and we will post your entries.

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