Engagement Photos…60′s retro hits the beach

Engagement photo sessions have been extremely popular with couples who are about to tie the knot. Photo sessions can be as simple as a black and white portrait, to over the top in props and set design. Even though I’m not in the market to have an engagement session done, I love to keep up to date couple of my favorite photographers photo blogs to see their latest work and how creative these photo sessions are getting. Some look like they could be in the pages of a top fashion catalog campaign.

My brother in-law just recently got engaged and my soon-to-be Sister in-law  told me about the theme for their engagement session. He’s an avid surfer and they both grew up in Newport Beach, so they created a 60′s retro beach theme that represents their life style in the OC. Since they were hitting the beach, she wanted to get a Nicolita bikini that would complete their photo shoot. She got the Baseball Beauty bustier and lazo style scrunch bum bottoms. The Pin stripes and classic style went perfect for the photo shoot.

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