Reminiscing of Cuba

Today celebrates a year since our life changing two week trip to Cuba in 2009.  I have had a lot of people ask me about the trip and my experience traveling to Cuba LEGALLY and what my reactions were to the people, places and things we saw there. So, each day for the next two weeks, I wanted to relive and  share our itinerary with all of you.

So much happened during the trip that did not make the final cut of the documentary. We filmed over 60 hours worth of footage, and the final documentary was 54 minutes. So, needless to say there is a lot more to our exciting adventure to share.

The months prior planning the trip could have been a documentary all it self. It took about 7 months to finalize all the details, Visas, contact family, CPI, Washington DC, contact La Maison before we could leave. My sister Michelle designed this amazing trip itinerary for our family and the crew to use each day. It had all the details of what we were going to do each day to make sure we made the most of our visit.

This is a map of the cities we visited during our 14 day trip. The Red Dots are each of the cities. We started out in Havana, then drove to Cienfuegos (about a 2 hour drive), then to Holguin (12 hour drive), then to Varadero (12 hours), and back to Havana (2 hours). It was a lot of driving to do within two weeks, but a great way to experience Cuba.

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