How to Get Nicolita’s 40s Latin Glam Look

Nicolita has a signature style all her own. It’s her 40′s Latin glam look each season, that will transport you back to Cuba’s Golden Era. The signature look is a swooped bang, finger wave curls, bold red lip and flirty long lashes. There’s a lot of work that goes into creating this Classic beauty….especially her hypnotic curls.

Below are some helpful hints from to create your own Nicolita latin style.

1. Curl your hair with hot rollers. To create the smooth, sculpted look that was popular in the 1940s, straighten your hair first (if it’s not already straight). This will give you the smoothest (least frizzy) curls. After pulling out the hot rollers, brush them lightly. You want to soften the curls, but not separate them too much. Use hairspray. Do not scrunch. Don’t use mousse or gel, as it gives hair a wet look and hard or sticky texture.

2. Make pin curls. These can be tricky at first if you’re new to more involved hair styling. Pin-curls are a 1940′s staple, and are necessary for many 1930s and 1950s hairstyles as well.

  • Find a setting lotion that works well your hair type. This may take some trial and error, so be patient, ladies!
  • Start with washed hair, and let it air dry or blow dry so that it is still damp. It is most useful to put setting lotion into an atomizer (plus, lots more fun!) because it can be applied more evenly.
  • Comb through hair and part into sections. Sections of hair can be from ½ inch to 1½ inch thickness, depending on how thick your hair is, or how it reacts to curling. If you want a certain set, curl in the directions that it will need to go in the final style. If you want just the ends curled, start with the underneath sections of hair, and work up.
  • Wind the curl around your finger, making sure that the strand isn’t twisted in any manner that would disrupt the direction of the curl. Once the end is started, it is easier to roll up more.
  • For more wavy curls, roll pin curls in a spiral.
  • For more ringlet styles, remember to keep the curls uniform and make a little donut shape.
  • Pin with bobby pins (best for spiraled pin curls) or regular hair pins (better for pin curls that don’t lay as flat).
  • To make waves along the face, wave clips can be used, but these are hard to sleep in and best for use with hairdryers.
  • Avoid rolling ends too tightly, or they will be frizzy.
  • Despite the difficulty this may be to master, after only a few sets you should find it easier to do and take less and less time. Actually, this is a very low maintenance style because it can be done the night before, and only needs to be brushed out in the morning and dolled up with just a few pins. And sets like this can double up on evenings with a just a few more pins! A set can last from one to five days if kept up at night in a snood or scarf.

3. Make Victory rolls or side reverse rolls. Possibly one of the most recognizable looks of the 1940′s, and one of the most flattering looks, top reverse rolls are swept up away from the face, rolled and pinned toward the top of the head. Side reverse rolls are one of the most familiar of the 1940′s hairstyles. This style is popular on most women, because it is good for most face types and figures. To create them, roll a thick strand of hair into a circle and pin it down; it will take a lot of practice to achieve the desired look.

  • Women with round or wide faces benefit from the height of the hair, that elongates the face.
  • Women with oval faces will also look good with this hairstyle.
  • Women with narrow faces can style the rolls more outward than up, and will balance their features, but it may not work for all women of narrow faces.
  • Women with a good profile will look exceptionally well with side reverse rolls.
  • It can be a good look for women with glasses, so long as the frames aren’t so thick on the sides as to disrupt the flow of the hair up from the face, so wire glasses would look best.
  • Women who want a better balance between their figure and face will achieve a nice balance with this hairstyle. The hips, bust, and hairdo will all be in better proportion for curvier women, to heavier women.
  • Slender women should wear this style in a more petite manner with limited height and width, to keep proper proportions.

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