Relaxing in Havana: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week SWIM 2011, Published July 26, 2010 by: Nensi Farenhajt

Every year in Miami, Mercedes Benz sponsors a fashion week where designers can showcase their latest and greatest swim designs.

This year there were twenty-seven designers that had the opportunity to present their newest swim wear models. The fashion week was from July 15-19 at the Raleigh in Miami.

After looking at a few designers, Nicolita’s collection stood out. This year, designer Nicole Di Rocco of Nicolita had a wonderful collection. She used many different colors to showcase different design details. From polka-dots to Latin influenced bikini tops with sleeves, the swimsuits were in reds, greens, whites, blues, golds, and yellows. Each of the colors was vibrant and had many details looking as though the model had just stepped out Havana, Cuba.

Many of the various suits were accentuated with rope braids, creating a distinguished look. Overall, the designs looked to be fitted for women that wanted to relax in the warm sun of Havana.

One of they key accessories used by all the models was red lipstick. This vibrant color complemented the swimsuit style and design. Although the bright lipstick color stuck out, it allowed for the swimsuit to complement the models skin tone instead of the cosmetics.

The designs were almost reminiscent of the 1950′s by being conservative towards todays micro-bikini’s but showing enough skin to remain sexy.

At the end of the runway behind all of the models, designer Nicole Di Rocco came out waving to all of the guests to thank them for their attendance. Overall, a promising set of designs.

Nicolita’s swimwear ranged in price from $100 to $150. Although the price may seem high, the price is reasonable for a bikini that looks both sexy and classy. The majority of the collection can be found online at

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