Chifles Chips offers taste of Cuba at Miami Swimwear Fashion Week


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Chifles Chips offers taste of Cuba at Miami Swimwear Fashion Week

Miami, Fla. (July 14, 2010) – Tampa-based Chifles Chips is offering
its organic, healthy snacks to VIPs attending the Nicolita swimwear
show during Miami Swimwear Fashion Week. Chifles plantain chips are
low in fat and use all natural, organic ingredients – the perfect
snack for fashion divas looking to show off their figures in one of
Nicolita’s Cuban-inspired bikinis.

“Chifles was inspired by the memories my husband and I had of the
tasty plantain snacks made by Cuban street vendors,” said Peggy
Argudo, President and CEO of Chifles. “Plantain chips are as iconic to
Cuba as beautiful women, warm ocean breezes and impassioned music.”

Made from just three ingredients – plantains, oil and salt – the
original Chifles plantain chips were first made in the Argudo’s
kitchen. Today, the family owned business, which operates in Tampa,
harvests organic plantains in Costa Rica, Ecuador and Guatemala. The
plantains’ skins are removed, and they are sliced lengthwise into
strips, sticks or rounds, and fried. They are then sprinkled with one
of several seasonings ranging from plain salt to Mojo Mama.

Although Chifles taste is authentic to its Cuban heritage, the company
looks to the future in methods and techniques. Recently, Chifles
plantain and cassava – or yucca – chips were certified organic by the
US Department of Agriculture. Chifles products also have zero trans
fats, are gluten free and are Orthodox Union kosher.

“Like Nicolita swimwear, we’re a blend of tradition and innovation,
and in the end, the customer gets quality,” said Argudo.

The Nicolita swimwear show will be Monday, July 19, at 7 p.m. at
Cabana Grande in Miami Beach. Nicolita Swimwear was established by
Nicole Di Rocco, who draws her inspiration from her family’s Cuban
roots and the 1940s era.

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