HerCut confirmed to create Nicolita’s Signature Locks at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week July 19th 2010

It’s not easy for Nicolita to look this good all the time. But HerCut hair products help keep hair styles in place. These styling lotions maintain her updo all day long! Now Nicolita can sit pretty and not have to worry about hair issues.

HerCut redefines hair care by working with the form, shape, and movement of your own personal haircut. Why? For your hair to perform at its very best, each strand needs to be supported with shampoos, conditioners, and styling aids that work with the natural behavior of your haircut. Accordingly, HerCut created products based on the five basic cuts (like the bob, long layers, etc.). Every formula utilizes cut-specific polymers—combined with controlled positive, negative, and neutral charges—to deliver the specific, optimal styling benefits each cut needs to look its best. Shag haircuts will have the separation, depth, and dimension they deserve, while long-layered looks will move effortlessly in all the right places. It’s new technology in hair care. Where will it take your next haircut?

You can find HerCut hair products at Sephora.com

HerCut will be working on Nicolita Runway show at Miami Mercedes Benz Fashion Week July 19th, 2010! Stay tuned for further details.

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