Nicolita Changes her Spots

When Nicolita gets bored with her swimsuit, she changes it. Now she can do the same with her cell phone case.The Incipio’s Dotties case allows her to change dots easily.She can customize her phone with different colors. Now her cell phone can match her

31st March 2010, Incipio, leading manufacturer of accessories for some of the industry’s best-known brands, launches Dotties – a fun, fashionable and customisable range of cases for the iPhone and iPod Touch. This uniquely designed range of cases allows users to gently push out each ‘Dot’ and change, integrate and customise the case in accordance to mood, outfit or style. Incipio’s Dotties range is available from for $24.99.

The Incipio Dotties range comes in nine colour combinations, including black, navy blue, turquoise, orange, neon pink, purple, white, and charcoal. Each comes with 15 vibrant coloured dots pre loaded into the case and an additional 30 dots in three different colours to make personalising effortless. Each Dot can be gently pushed out of the case with ease to allow users to change the colour layout for a different look. Whether its 15 of the same colour Dotties, a mixture of two colours or a spread of all three colours, the Incipio Dotties case will give users a different feel and finish each time. Once the device is in the case, the Dotties are locked into place securely.


Incipio was established in 1999 by a group of gadget-obsessed designers. Continually fusing fashion with function, Incipio was founded on the premise that quality and value
should go hand in hand. Incipio’s primary focus is to deliver exceptional products through superior engineering. The company’s credo, “The Art of Protection”, signifies the delicate balance of style and creativity while delivering unparalleled protection and function. Incipio’s product line includes cases and power solutions for the Apple iPhone and iPo d, Bl ackBerry smartphones, netbooks, and notebooks.

The company’s commitment to provide innovative produ cts at the highest level of craftsmanship, combined with maintaining an affordable price, makes it a leader in the electronics accessories industry. Incipio’s team members continually challenge themselves to develop the highest quality products by seeking opportunities to improve and enhance the user experience.

Incipio products are available directly online and in dozens of countries around the world with distributors and retailers in the US, Canada, Asia, UK, Europe, Australia, Africa and Latin America. Incipio Technologies, Inc is a privately held firm based out of Irvine CA., with offices in Hong Kong.

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