Bikini Inspiration through Family Roots

Last December Nicolita designer Nicole Di Rocco traveled to Cuba to shoot the 2010 season catalog. She also brought her parents along for the trip. It was their first time going back to their homeland country in forty -nine years. Nicole and her parents were reunited with family and friends. SiTv was there to document the emotional journey. But you can do it from the comfort of your own home! At you can trace your roots through a family tree. To start your tree you fill out a box with your first and last name. From there does all the work. Tell us where your family came from in the comment box.

Maybe Nicolita could use this as inspiration for her next getaway.

Who knows where she’ll go next or who she’ll meet? Maybe she’ll jet set to Brazil and find love on the beach. Just remember to bring your Nicolita swimwear along!

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