Cuban-American Documentary

Havana, Cuba is still the same. Even though its majestic Spanish colonial architecture is now decaying under the Caribbean sun, it still appears larger than life. It’s easy to find inspiration in such a metropolis. Cuban American entrepreneur and swimwear designer Nicole Di Rocco has built her company, Nicolita, by blending the essence of nostalgic 1940s Cuba with modern-day fashion silhouettes. In 2009, Di Rocco was able to fulfill her dream of traveling to her parents’ homeland of Cuba for an incredible on-location photo shoot for Nicolita. Sí TV filmed her amazing journey and the reunion of her parents with their homeland and family after leaving 49 years ago. In this documentary, Di Rocco discovers the significance and inspiration of being Cuban American. Learn more about Nicolita here.

Sí Tv Cuban-American Trailer from Nicole Di Rocco on Vimeo.

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