Nicolita Intern Alert: All in a Day’s Work

After the long, grueling hours of work, we all need some R&R.

Take a bite out of a Vanilla Yogurt Ice with Honeyed Pink Grapefruit. This stylish, low-calorie dessert is just what you need for a successful R&R. Made with all natural yogurt, blended with sugar and vanilla, topped with grapefruit and a touch of honey, you’re bound to get a brain freeze from all the awesomeness of the dessert.

Then, take a long, refreshing dip in the pool wearing a Rosita Bikini. This bikini will sweep you off your feet just as Phillipe sweeps Nicolita off her feet. The bikini adorns you with gold beads, just like the goddess you are. It doesn’t hurt to look cute while relaxing, right?

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