Nicolita Intern Alert: First Impression

We all know that a first impression is a lasting impression. I have created a simple equation of what makes a lasting impression.

Face + Body = Lasting Impression

The face is one of the most important parts of the body. It is highly visible and therefore must be taken care of. Eyebrows are one part that people seem to take for granted. Eyebrows help to shape your face and accentuate some features. By not tidying up your eyebrows, you may be highlighting some blemishes. Learn how to shape your eyebrows from by clicking here.

The body is the second part in making a good lasting impression. I believe that finding the right bathing suit is more challenging than finding the right pair of jeans. Bikinis can be found at Nicolita Designer Swimwear. These bikinis are fun, flirty and sexy. Most importantly, they are flattering.

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