Summer Prep – 20 Days

Am I the only one waiting for the temperature to rise? During the last few days it’s been consistently in the low sixties and high seventies which is a bit chilly for beach weather, right? Not to worry! You can use this weather to your advantage. Take this opportunity to get bikini ready for the summer.

FYI: The beginning of summer in the Northern hemisphere is June 21; in California it is June 20.

There are many kinds of bikini body workout plans, so go get started. This weather is also perfect to take a run or a hike in. Running on the beach is a great workout to ensure your legs and butt look muy caliente in a Nicolita Frutas Scrunch Bum bottom! There are only 20 more days til summer. Once you have achieved your goal, you can treat yourself to a Nicolita Swimwear bikini at and have some summer fun!

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