Ice Cream and a Bathing Suit

While I was eating ice cream over the weekend, I realized I was missing something: the sun. What better way to start off the summer in a bathing suit and refreshing yourself with ice cream?

Imagine yourself relaxing by the poolside or at the beach underneath the hot sun in a sizzling, sexy bathing suit. Thus I was reminded of Nicolita’s Amore Designer One Piece Swimwear with a Deep V Backside. Nicolita can’t help falling in love with Phillipe; well I must say I can’t help falling in love with this one-of-a-kind Nicolita swimwear. This one piece features Nicolita’s signature twist on design; Conservative Sexy Swimwear. Nicolita is featured in the white and black contrasting V back one piece. The back plunges low flattering the small of her back. The crossing straps give support and create an exotic design. The bra has a molded cup with under-wire, giving supreme support to the strapless suit. It comes with a removable neck strap for extra support and versatility.

You can get this one-of-a-kind Amore Designer One Piece Swimwear with a Deep V Backside by Nicolita for $157.

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