Paradiso Girls at Les Dueux, Hollywood, CA

I was invited by my BBF at Interscope to watch the Paradiso girls perform at Les Duex last night. I’m sure you all have heard the crazy & amazing club banger “Patron, Tequila “. If not, google it and listen to the explicit version. You won’t be able to get it out of your head.

When we arrived to Les Duex, it was mayhem outside trying to get in the club. Within 10 minutes, we were in and ready to listen the Paradiso girls. (It totally brought me back to my Hollywood clubbing days.) Since “Patron, Tequila ” (the explicit version) is such a crazy song, the anticipation was killing us for the girls to get on stage and perform. They took stage at 12:30am, and performed 2 songs and “Patron, Tequila “. The stage was not that big, so the dance moves were limited. Their vocals were great! A couple wardrobe malfunctions slipping off, but overall it was a fun show to watch.
I took this picture while they were performing on stage.

I’m predicting this song to be a soundtrack for Summer 2009…or atleast with me and my friends.
Kind of reminds me of the Pussy Cat Doll’s first big hit,”Don’t Cha” and how that song kicked off their amazing career.

Just a little bio on this girl Band: This group was created by Robin Anton (Pussy Cat Dolls creator), Two years in development, Paradiso Girls isn’t your stereotypical girl group. Reflecting music’s increasingly global reach, each member of this talented quintet—Aria, Chelsea, Kelly, Lauren and Shar—hails from a different country: Barbados, England, France, Philippines, and the U.S. Beyond this multicultural twist, Paradiso Girls boast three lead singers, a rapper and a DJ.



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