South Beach…Preparing to film Model Latina TV Show

Jenelle and I just arrived into FL and are heading to South Beach for some R&R before we shoot Model Latina. Lucky for us, it’s the Winter Music conference and there are tons of parties and tons of people. I’m thinking a couple beach days & party at REHAB South Beach to show off our Caliente Nicolita bikinis.

Today at the Beach I wore the One Shoulder Gorgeous Gondola Bikini top and hipster tie bottoms. I love this top because it is so different and very comfortable to wear. Although the one shoulder tanline may be odd, it’s easy to slip the strap under your arm and sun-bath wearing it as a tube top.
Our hipster bottoms fit soooo comfortable. This style has our signature ‘No Pinch Fit’ front and cover stitch pant leg on the backside. I also like how our string side bottoms cover the side of your hipbone…a little more than the average string bikini…You got to try a Nicolita bikni on, to really understand the difference in fit and style. (

Jenelle wore the Sexy Spanish Fly Triangle Bra and Spaghetti Bottoms. This bikini is beautiful and perfect for South Beach. The lace reminds me of my travels through Spain, (Hence the name, Spanish Fly) and the scallop edging is so special. The craftsmanship of this bikinis is extremely challenging if you do not know what you are doing. Each Spanish Fly Bikini is cut individually by hand and passes through 8 different operations during production. The little gold beads add shine and gives it a great finishing touch!. (

Our day at the beach was great…Can’t wait to do it all over again tomorrow.
More to come….

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