Nicolita Reality TV Stikes Again: Model Latina 2009

I am so excited to announce that Nicolita will be featured on another amazing Reality TV show this August 2009. We were asked by the producers at Model Latina to deliver the first assignment for the girls competing. I can’t give away to much details, but obviously since it’s a Nicolita assignment, you know there will be gorgeous bikinis, vintage style, 40′s hair and make up and Latin flare.

For all of you not familiar with the show, Model Latina, it features ’12 contestants from across the U.S. prove they have it all—style, sophistication, and smarts. In this reality series, young women of various backgrounds, shapes and sizes live together and compete for a modeling contract, cash and prizes. Beauty is only the beginning on Sí TV’s Model Latina!’ SEASON PREMIERE AUGUST 2009

I will update some behind the scenes posts when I’m there….Ok, I’m off to Miami!!

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