Peter Alexander Store Opening

Tonight I went to the store opening of Peter Alexander on Robertson Blvd, Los Angeles. For those of you who are not familiar with the Peter Alexander brand, Peter is considered the “King of Pajamas” in Australia. The ‘theme’ of the night was the staff wearing shirts that said “SLEEP WITH ME”. Cute idea:)

The store opening had a signature red carpet and celebrities such as Alicia Silverstone, Katherine Heigl, Mandy Moore. The store overall was super cute with a touch of vintage suitcases and glamor upholstered fitting rooms. Definitely a Nicolita favorite with his choices in decor. Once you browsed through the store, the VIP party was in the back parking structure. They converted the car port into a pretty cool after party. Black carpeted floors, white lounge beds, and they even had a live photo shoot directed by John Gagun, Guestar production photographer. I had a wonderful time enjoying a glass of wine and meeting everyone associated with Peter Alexander

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