Shooting with Janice Dickinson Model Agency

Today was the airing of the second episode of the Janice Dickinson Show, featuring Nicolita Bikinis and Swimwear. The last episode showed the casting and John and I picking the best of the bunch to test shoot for Nicolita. CC, Traci and Paulina all had something interesting that the Nicolita model needs. This photo shoot was produced in less than two weeks because the filming date for Nicolita was slated early. Needless to say, Nicolita bikini headquarters was in full swing getting ready to shoot our 2009 collection.

After watching the airing of the second episode, I was again thrilled how everything looked on camera. A little drama did not hurt anyone and the photos looked awesome. CC Fontane is the new face of Nicolita 2009 Collection. She is an amazing model and a pleasure to work with. If you haven’t seen the second airing of Nicolita on the Janice Dickinson view it now!



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