New Season, New House

I’m really not sure about how much I can say about the upcoming season of the Janice Dickinison Modeling Agency show, but the previews say the Janice is “moving in”. And this is confirmed. Janice moved into the “model house’. The house, I mean mansion, is a gorgeous modern house in Bel Air. The entrance of the house is shaped like an igloo. And randomly there is a motorcycle in the entrance water fountain. The mansion is just as wild as the show. Obviously having all the models living together just creates more drama that we all love to watch. Especially having Janice living in the mansion as well. One can only imagine what will happen.

When I came in for the model casting, the casting was held at the house where her ‘agency office’ is. It was really cool how the office and the house blended together. Very neat, clean, and white modern interior design. I remember walking around the house and seeing a jacuzzi room with fur carpet all over the walls and ceiling. When I got to meet the models, Janice sat right next to me on her white leather sofa. It was fun and the models were great.

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