Reality TV is a Reality for NICOLITA…

Living in LA, there are reality TV shows being filmed on every corner. It kind of becomes a way of life when you drive in Beverly Hills and on your right you see Dr Rey (from E! Dr. 90210) in his Porsche with a beautiful model in the passenger seat…. and a Camera Guy seating on the back filming them…(This actually happened to me) Reality TV is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine so seeing a show being filmed while you’re driving is fun for me. And its even MORE fun for me when I’m actually on a show.

This past June, NICOLITA was asked to take part in filming the new season of the Janice Dickinson Model Agency Show for Oxygen Network. It was perfect timing when they asked us because we were planning to shoot our 2009 Catalog and we were searching for the next face of Nicolita. At first I was thrilled. Then I was worried because ‘what if Janice didn’t like my designs or the models were bad and all of this would get published on National and International TV’. After discussing all the facts/ details with the producers I was excited to meet Janice and find my Nicolita model. The whole experience was a blast!

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