Perparing for the 2009 Photo shoot

A lot is involved before a photo shoot. Besides having all the bikinis and products ready to shoot, (which is countless hours from design to conception) I need to really visualize the entire day. I play out how the day will unfold from beginning to end, in order to produce a photo shoot that achieves all my goals. I start to create a time line from when all the props need to be delivered, kraft services (food), setting up hair and make up, changing room, bathroom signs, even DO NOT TOUCH/ DO NOT ENTER signs, etc… all these details impact how the photos will turn out. Another key factor I had to plan for was the film crew of the Janice Dickinson Show filming the entire photo shoot. It was quite the challenge, but me and my Nicolita team are always up for it.

When I design each collection, I get inspired for where Nicolita is in her life, who is she with and what fun activities is she doing. Nicolita’s 2009 Collection reflects her travels though Italy. I traveled and searched for a location that could capture all the different Italian scenes I created for Nicolita to experience. After I booked our Italian inspired Beverly hills location, John Ganun, the photographer, and Alejandro Rivera, Green lab Design, did a walk through and set up all the shots. The photos below look a bit silly, but they were KEY in order to be able to shoot everything in one day. For example, these photos are the BEFORE and AFTER of the
Spanish Fly bikini Collection.

The Spanish Fly photo is one of my favorites. CC looks amazing!

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