Top 5 Halloween Costumes to style with your NICOLITA Swimwear

Halloween is just around the corner and I’m seriously racking my brain what to dress up as this year. I usually head down to our local Halloween MEGA store, browse the aisles at the sexy Halloween costume photos pics for adults. Which are quite scandalous at times….haha

Then I came to the realization that most of these costumes at the store are Lycra/ Spandex based and it’s the accessories that really make the costumes look great. I thought to myself, why not re purpose some Nicolita Swimwear styles and transform them into amazing Halloween costumes.

My Halloween Swimwear Challenge was set and here are my TOP 5 Halloween Costumes to style with your Nicolita Swimwear.

I wanted to start off this Halloween Costume Swimwear challenge with The One, The Only, Carmen Miranda. Honestly, I probably could have selected a ton of more mix and match swimwear style options for this Halloween costume swimwear challenge, but the Rumba Ruffles One Shoulder One Piece in Sol Yellow was the best.

1. Rumba Ruffle One Shoulder One Piece Swimwear ON SALE

I  love how the ruffles on the one shoulder will have great movement while you are shaking your maracas. Click on the above link to check out the back shirring detail. It comes all the way from the bottom. Also, having a one piece swimwear to cover your stomach as a top makes you feel a little more  comfortable too. It will tuck in seamless into that skirt. Similar to a Bodysuit top. If you want to rock a CROP TOP, may I suggest the following that would also look amazing with this Carmen Miranda combo.

I added that RED belt to bring in some more color blocking colors pulled from the hat.

2. Tropical Fruit Hat Costume $22.09 Available with Amazon Prime (Free Shipping)

This tropical fruit hat is probably the MOST important piece to this entire costume. Carmen Miranda was known for her trademark fruit hats and unique lavish costumes.

3. Maracas $7.35 Available with Amazon Prime (Free Shipping)

From my experience throughout the years of photo shoots and fashion shows, as soon as I would hand a model a prop like a pair of Maracas the photos and show would come to life. It’s like you now have something to do with your hands especially when snapping a #SELFIE.

4. Black Ruffle Skirt $22.19 Available with Amazon Prime (Free Shipping)

You can probably select a bunch of different options for the skirt portion, but this black ruffle skirt was cut high enough on the leg and had great ruffles all around. Select something that is waist high and layer a brightly colored belt around too.

5. Red Lipstick FREE probably in your makeup bag. If not, run out to CVS and pick one up for under $5.00

6. Salsa Strappy Heels $25.99

I love these floral heels because since this costume is pretty over the top with color you don’t want the look to get boring on your feet. Carmen Miranda’s costumes had amazing attention to detail and so should your feet.

1. Knotty Nicolita One Piece ON SALE

2. Egyptian Headpiece $12.00

3. Coin Skirt $19.00

4. Egyptian collar $15.00

5. Metal Snake Armband $6.36 Available with Amazon Prime (Free Shipping)

6. Goddess Adhesive Eyeliner Strips $7.95 Available with Amazon Prime (Free Shipping)

7. Goddess Sandals $25.00 Available with Amazon Prime (Free Shipping)

1. Knotty Nicolita One Piece ON SALE

2. Pearl Necklace $22.00 Available with Amazon Prime (Free Shipping)

3. Rhinestone Crown $7.95 Available with Amazon Prime (Free Shipping)

4.  Black Silk Gloves $3.29 Free Shipping

5. Rhinestone Bracelets $11.99 Available with Amazon Prime (Free Shipping)

6. Rhinestone Heels  $19.99

7. Beatnik Cigarette Holder $5.11 Available with Amazon Prime (Free Shipping)

8. Retro Cat Eye Sunglasses $7.02

9. Black Tutu $5.56 FREE shipping

1. Tahitian Temptress One Piece

2. Wonder Woman Gold Crown $24.95

3. Red Cape $11.88

4. Wonder Woman Gold Cuff Bracelets $24.95

5. Gold Rope Laso $9.99

6. Wonder Woman Skirt $26.99

7. Red Pleather Boots $48.12

1. Knotty Nicolita One Piece ON SALE

2. Black Mask $4.90 Free Shipping

3. Cat ears and Tail $8.99 AP

4. Money Bag  $12.99

5. Fur Ankle Warmers $9.46

Do you have any other Halloween Swimwear Costume ideas? If yes, comment below and let me know which Nicolita style you would use?

I hope everyone has a safe and FUN Halloween. Please TAG @mynicolita on Twitter and Instagram wearing your costume. Can’t wait to see.

Besitos xo,


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