Bows Bows Bows #NicolitaSwimwear

BowsBowsBows #NicolitaSwimwear #tbt
Did you know that we custom made each of these bows in our factory for the show?

Getting the size of the bow just right was our first issue. We went through at least 10 samples before the final size was perfect. It had to be BIG, but not completely covering the models face. Second major issue was how to make the bow STAND UP while the model was strutting her way down the runway. By heat pressing fusing on the inside of the fabric, we were able to shape the bow and prop it up. This bow was not going anywhere. The band itself is fabric and we bought some plastic headbands from the 99 cents store for the inside. Luckily, the headbands fit all of the models perfectly. The end result was worth every second of our many trial and errors. Probably one of our favorite Nicolita accessories.

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