Meet your NEW Favorite Black One Piece Swimsuit

June 08, 2018

Meet the latest Nicolita One Piece Style: The Gina High Neck One Piece Swimsuit. Now there are a lot of awesome features to this suit that is making all of the girls in the Nicolita Office just rave about it. Let me break this down for you:



    • There are three layers of fabric on this suit. The printed fabric, the reverse black fabric and an inner power mesh with a 1 inch elastic sewn at the top. The 1 inch elastic is sewn with a specific tension to allow the band to lay snug under your bust and use the outer fabric as a cup support. There are no molded cups in this suit. It feels like you have a super comfy t shirt shelf bra on.  
      • As I mentioned above, there is a power mesh layer that in sewn in between the two fabrics on one piece swimsuit. Since the power mesh does not stretch as much as the softer lycra material, it does help flatten your stomach with a smoother look.
      • This high neck style looks great on many different body shapes. Because the neck shape is more narrow at top, it gives you an hour glass figure appearance. Also this style works well for people who do not want to show much cleavage. Either a person has too large of a chest that most tops do not have enough coverage and they are spilling out or someone that has a smaller chest where regular swimwear styles just don't flatter their shape.
      • Our signature Knotty Nicolita backside is made so that the knot adjusts to your shape through the looped fabric. Instead of having about half an inch of wiggle room in a regular suit, the knot allows for 'in between' sizes to fit more comfortably into smaller sizes.
      • The multi strings on the back are not only trendy and a great design detail, they also assist in supporting your bust. There are 3 strings that twist and loop around neck band and attach along the back of the suit in 6 strategic points. 2 on either side of where the elastic under band is, 2 mid back and 2 lower back so the swimsuit does not gap on sides. All 6 points also help balance the front support of the top bust. Since you are not tying a neck tie to pull the front of the suit up, the loop and multi strings do the trick. Super bonus is that the pressure of tying the straps is no longer around your neck. It's probably one of our biggest customer swimsuit issues that we made sure to incorporate in this design.
        • The black parrot print is vibrant with gorgeous colors and the black background creates a slender silhouette. This print can mix and match with tons of colored cover ups and even looks cute with Jeans.
        • IT'S REVERSIBLE!!
          • This is one of my favorite features is that you can turn this swimsuit inside out and wear it on the black side. So basically you get two swimsuits in one! Comes in handy when you go on vacation and don't want to wear the same swimsuit multi times during the trip.

        Nicolita loves to have a little fun while working on her tan lines.

        Check out the Black Parrot High Neck One Piece in Action


        Yes! It's reversible!!! Two looks in one. We decided to go for a walk to the Varadero fisherman's docks to see what the catch of the day was. And with a quick flip of the one piece inside out, Laura switched up her entire look to all black. You cannot go wrong with a black one piece especially because it will mix and match with tons of options. We opted for the Dark Palm Skirt, but totally could of matched this with any style of swimwear cover ups.


        Once we arrived to the fishing dock, we met this fisherman just sitting on the step. He rides his bike to the docks everyday and assists when the boats arrive. We could not resist to take his bike for a spin. Crazy thing was that the pedals were made out of wooden blocks.


        This one piece is so versatile you can go from swimming in the beach to riding a bike in Cuba...and still have two completely unique looks with just one piece.


        Ready to snag this style, don't wait because most of our bikinis and one piece swimwear sell out.