Nicolita Travel Hacks: Packing Fragile Products

June 08, 2018

Packing for a vacation can be tricky at times. Especially now with all of the new suitcase sizes recommendations and airlines charging hefty fees for extra bags. And since you can't pass through TSA with liquid, packing beauty essentials like glass bottle foundations and your favorite fragrance is a must when you can't pour items like those into a travel bottles. 

So to protect your fabulous Nicolita p

So, to protect any fragile products when packing for your next trippack them inside your sneakers since the cushion can help to protect them. If you aren’t opting for sneakers on your vacation, wrap each fragile item inside a pair of rolled socks.

For an extra layer of protection on any bottles filled with liquids, wrap your products in a plastic cling wrap. To be extra safe, duct tape any caps or pop-top openings.

You can also protect your compact powders by surrounding them with soft things like sponges or sweatshirts. And definitely don’t put them at the bottom on your bag.





Try using a Nicolita Bikini Bag for additional protection of your fragile items. We still recommend putting any liquid containers in a plastic baggie, however you can rest assure that your Bikini Bag is water resistant. There is an addtional pocket with zelcro  too