The Tango Dress: An Easy-to-Wear Dress for a Day (and Night) at the beach

June 08, 2018

What makes for a great cover-up? I can list some off the top of my head. Perhaps one that won’t make me look all scruffy after a long trip. Maybe one that’s light and easy enough to wear as I lounge around, should I decide I’m already getting too much sun or I’m feeling a little chilly from the sea breeze.

Or it could be as simple as one that’s easy to pull on and off—because, really, who likes the inconvenience of slipping on a complicated cover-up in the middle of the beach, with bystanders looking at every awkward move? I know I don’t. Oh, that would be the worst!

The Tango Dress is a tube dress, and that means one thing for me: I can just slip it on in seconds! Designing this dress, one of the highlights that I came up with is the very durable protective elastic underneath the bust line, so it’s really easy to just slide over the hips, or even over the head, without feeling like I could suffer from a wardrobe malfunction in public.





Some of my friends who have tried on this dress shared with me that they like the fact that they can wear this dress just fine without a bra, because the protective elastic is reliable enough to support the bust area. They say it’s perfect for after you’re done trying to have an even, bikini line-free tan! And I agree!  

I also love the fabric of the Tango Dress. All of the materials that this dress is made of are so light and airy and the dress does not ever wrinkle. I can just throw it in inside my weekend bag, and it will still look good as new when I take it out and unpack it after a long trip.  

With its length that falls just on the ankles, I think the Tango Dress would match perfectly from sandals to wedge (because, ladies, I know we all should have separate footwear for two moods: sandals for when we’re feeling more laid-back, and wedge for when we’re feeling more glam).

The available prints are also fun and flashy! Whatever the style I’m going for, I can just choose from the following prints: the leopard, the feather, the peacock, the paisley and the solid black. And after a day at the beach, I can even fancy it up further with a little necklace, or maybe some dangly earrings, and I’d already be ready for dinner or getting drinks.

How about you, have you tried this dress yet? Share with me your experiences and what you love about it! Can’t wait to hear from you!