Tips for Selecting Your Perfect One Piece Swimsuit

June 18, 2018

Tips for Selecting Your Perfect One Piece Swimsuit

So how exactly can you embrace the trend and find a one piece well suited for your shape?

We all know that feeling. Shopping for swimsuits can be uncomfortable and downright intimidating. But you know what? I’ve realized through the years, no matter what your shape or size, you can amplify your unique beauty and spirit. It’s all about your unstoppable confidence and, well, a few swimwear style tricks. Who cares if you feel uncomfortable in a two piece bikini? A classic one piece is equally stylish and flattering. You just need to have the perfect strategy for picking a figure-flattering one piece! I've pulled together my best swimwear style and fit tips to help ease the process of shopping for swimsuits.

Go for color and print

We all need an LBB (Little Black Bikini), but you can also switch up your swimwear wardrobe with pops of color and print! Bright colors pop on your skin tone and give you that day-at-the-beach glow. Prints can also be your friend to camouflage any areas of insecurity. Remember, the size of the print should be proportionate to the size of the wearer. Example: petite ladies look best in smaller scale prints, while curvier gals can rock larger scale prints!

Check out our Jessica Deep V One Piece in the color Mosaic:

Make sure you’re in the right fit

One of the common mistakes in choosing swimwear is not taking into consideration the fit. Your breasts should be supported with cups that accommodate your size and shape. Adjustable straps that can either tie or have bra-like sliders will offer the most support. For the traditional one-piece, the torso-to-crotch measurement and the suit bottom should not be too snug – to avoid that uncomfortable “wedgie” situation in or out of the water. 

Fit is so important to us at Nicolita, we wanted to show you all the features we purposefully add to a one piece to help give the best fit!

Olivia One Piece

Know your body proportions

When you know your proportions, you can pick a suit that highlights your pluses and minimizes your minuses.  Try a high-cut hip to elongate the leg. If you have a thin figure with fewer curves, add some volume to balance your shape – with ruffles, hip ties, ruching, cup padding, skirts or sarongs. If you have a bottom-heavy figure, consider a solid color that has a clean-cut bottom portion to maximize a slim appearance.  Or if you are top-heavy, go ahead and flaunt a plunging neckline to elongate your neckline.

We love ruffles to enhance your curves! Our model is rocking the Rumba Ruffles One Piece in the color Orchid.

Choose the brand that gets you

I created the Nicolita brand because I know sometimes we feel like we have no choice but to wear unflattering swimwear. In fact, through this idea, we created the revolutionary No Pinch Fit Cuban Style Bottoms, putting an end to bikini bottoms that dig into the hips. We’ve also designed some other figure flattering and stylish one pieces like the Olivia, Viola, Jessica, and Angela that also have our No Pinch Fit feature. Check these out on our website now!