6 Travel Bag Tips to Avoid Over Packing

July 18, 2018

6 Travel Bag Tips to Avoid Over Packing

Say goodbye to overpacking with these expert-approved tips!

If you're like me, packing for a trip is a process that is easier said than done, and I always end up packing way too much. Do I need 4 different pairs of jeans for a weekend getaway? Probably not. Do I pack them anyways? Every time. Plus, lugging around heavy, cumbersome bags up steep stairs and onto public transit is NEVER worth the effort.  Repeat after me, ladies: NEVER OVERPACK!

So here are some practical packing tips that will help you avoid the pitfalls of overpacked travel bags.

Do not fill your bag to the brim

Aim to leave enough room in your main bag so your day-pack or shoulder bag can fit in it for easy transiting. This also leaves room for the alpaca hat, beaded necklaces, and just about every souvenir that you'll be bringing home.

Pick a clothing color scheme

Make sure all your clothes can be worn with all your other clothes. Running with a color scheme is the easiest way to go. For a beach vacation, the Spanish Rose collection works well for mixing and matching.

Pack in sections

Don't just put everything individually into your bag. It might feel organized at first, but you'll find yourself digging through a messy pile of clothes by day 1. A solution: pack in sections. For example, a medium bikini bag fits your undies and socks. Then a Cabana Tote Bag for your clothes. A small bikini bag works well for toiletries and cosmetics, as well as your chargers or jewelry. Putting smaller bags into your bag will save you loads of time each day – plus everything will be organized and easy to find. Less time digging through your bag, more time enjoying drinks by the pool!

Bring a versatile cover up (like a sarong!)

Since a sarong can be used as a cover up, picnic blanket, beach towel, warm scarf, and more, a sarong is definitely the most versatile item for travel. 


Take some laundry detergent

If you are taking a longer trip, you'll probably want to be able to wash your clothes, especially your undies. And hotel room soap just won’t cut it. You can scoop some laundry detergent powder into a zip-lock bag, or bring a couple detergent pods!

Bring screw-top bottles only

Don't take any toiletry or cosmetic bottles that are not plastic screw-tops. Don’t risk your lotions and shampoos spilling all over your travel outfits! Also, put all bottles in a plastic bag or a water-resistant bikini bag to avoid spilling!