The Power of a Bikini - Building a Business and filming a documentary

In the winter of 2009, my parents, sister and I traveled to Cuba. It had been 49 years since my parents had been back to their homeland and my sister's and my first trip ever.

I could never have imagined how this trip would change my life - how it would shift my perspective personally and professionally and fill a void in my life that I felt ever since childhood.

This long overdue trip back to my parents homeland sparked an incredible journey and chain of events that lead to filming my Emmy Nominated documentary, Pastport Cuba.

Say What! A bikini designer with an Emmy nomination?!

Yup. That’s me! I can’t even believe it sometimes either!

I wanted to share what happened before, during and after the documentary was filmed and aired. We were only able to edit this film into 59 minutes from over 50 hours of footage...So as you can imagine a lot was left on the editing room floor.  

So I’ll be updating this section of the Blog throughout the next couple of weeks. I really hope you enjoy it and comment with support and love.

My intention for taking the time to document this is from a place or passion, pure Love and Inspiration.

From beginning to present day, this entire experience since filming the documentary and starting my company Nicolita has been full of what seemed like impossible hurdles and blossomed into life changing experiences.

I hope this inspires you to keep knocking down obstacles that come in the way of your BIG DREAM.

xoxo Besitos,



September 26th @ 7:15pm