Cuban Style Swimwear Bottoms

Nicolita’s signature Cuban-Style Bottoms and unique styles have set itself apart in the swimwear industry. Designing for Latina curves, Nicolita has reached a multi-cultural consumer who wants flattering styles that are conservative and sexy. The Cuban-Style Bottoms have a No-Pinch Fit elastic waist, coverage on the hips, and a heart-shaped backside. Sizes run generous and wider for maximum comfort with the right amount of caliente coverage.
Each Nicolita Cuban-Style Bottom is manufactured with sandwiched elastic around the waist in between the fabric. By sewing the elastic inside the lycra fabric, the bottom has a softer tension and lays on your body and does not dig into your hips.
Nicolita’s Cuban-Style Bottom patterns are designed wider around the hips for more coverage. We offer minimal, moderate, and full cut bottoms depending on your preference.

The backside of Nicolita’s Cuban-Style Bottoms are manufactured with either a shirring elastic or a unique design to contour the swimsuit to your curves. This creates a heart-shaped backside that flatters different body styles.

What’s the difference between Brazilian Cut and Cuban Cut bikinis:

Not a lot of people know that luxury swimwear comes in different rear styles: full, moderate, and brazilian cut. Full coverage, or American cut, in essence “covers” the entire rear. Then there’s the moderate coverage, which is the coveted style in luxury swimwear. And finally, there’s the sexy Brazilian cut, which is a narrow cut with the least amount of coverage (though it is NOT a thong).


Full coverage – Full coverage bottoms basically go from cheek to cheek. It is a modest cut for women who like to have their hineys under wraps.


Moderate coverage - Moderate or Cuban cut refers to a rear style in between Brazilian and American. It is a modest but sexy cut that shows a tad bit of cheek but not too much.


Brazilian cut – Brazilian cut bikinis provide the narrowest amount of coverage and show half or ¾ of the cheeks, but they are not strings or thongs by any means.