Customer Testimonials

MariaElena wearing Nicolita in Varadero, Cuba

 I felt the need to write to your company to say "thank you" for making me feel beautiful in a bikini!Hello!

Shopping for bathing suits is not easy and I would NEVER imagine myself purchasing one online (there are just some things that MUST be tried on). I am a Greek-American woman living in NJ married to a Cuban. One night we came across your documentary on Netflix and after watching it i went online to check out your swimwear. i fell in love with many of the styles and appreciated the fact that the cuts were made to flatter a woman’s curves! For months I would revisit your sight admiring the line and then one day, going out on a limb, i ordered 2 of your bathing suits and I LOVE them!!!! I couldn’t wait to get on a beach! I just came back from my Cuba vacation, and what better place to debut my new swimwear than on the sands of the country that inspired the styles! i felt beautiful and sexy and full of life (well, maybe the mojitos helped a little, lol) So, thank you for the role you played in making me feel alive and proud to have womanly curves in a bathing suit, THANK YOU! i have attached a few photos of me in your bathing suits in Varadero at the Paradisus Princesa del Mar.

Continue creating!

~xoxo MariaElena



Anuhea Ceballos wearing Nicolita Rumba Ruffles.
       I'm 5'10 1/2 and have an athletic shape. I'm very lean but get my curves from my hips and glutes.
So when I came across Nicolita swimwear it was honestly like a breath of fresh air. I finally found a bikini that caters to ALL shapes. 
Amongst all the amazing suits that Nicolita has, I'm currently in love with the Twice forgiven bikini and Ms. Señorita. Both bottoms hug me in all the right ways. They don't squeeze me like most bathing suits would but however, they extenuate my shape and flatters my curves.
I've purchased all kinds of brands of bathing suits and all seem to fall short somewhere. Some would give me what seemed like love handles because it would squeeze my waist. And others would make me feel like I was wearing a diaper. And some would smash my breast instead of flatter them like Nicolita swimwear. When I'd go on auditions  and shoots I would get so many compliments from the other models and makeup artists asking who was my bathing suit by. After telling them it's Nicolita swimwear they would always follow it by "my next swimsuit will most definitely be Nicolita". Thank you,
~Anuhea Ceballos 
Megan Rodriguez at El Valaredo, Cuba
   I'm loving My Nicolita!
Valaredeo Cuba   Valadero 2
~Megan Rodriguez