Swimwear Care Instructions

Gracias for Shopping at Nicolita!

I hope you and your Nicolita products have amazing adventures together! Your Nicolita products will look great longer if you take proper care of them. Below are a couple recommendswimwear care instructions for your Nicolita products:

-Por favor, rinse swimwear and cover-up products in cool, fresh water after each use.
-Let dry naturally in the shade. Do not wring, wrap in a towel or put in a plastic bag when wet.
-Never put swimwear or cover-ups in a washing machine or dryer.
-Never dry clean or spot clean with harsh chemicals.
-Beware of hot tubs and swimming pools.

Chlorine, rough surfaces, and/ or heat can shorten the life of your swimsuit fabric. Bright colors may fade, and light colors may become transparent. These are not considered manufacturers defects.